Why Ingage?


The relationship between citizen and state in Scotland is changing; Ingage is helping people in public service to change with it.

The First Minister has set out a clear ambition to reform public services and to empower people and communities, recognising the need to make government ‘more open and accessible to Scotland’s people than ever before’. We are at a crucial point in that transformation of Scotland’s public services.  This task is made more complex by the shaping of new relationships with the European Union and the UK.  To ensure that we are ‘fit for the challenges of tomorrow as well as today’ we are building on the work of the Commission on the Future Delivery of Public Services (Christie Report 2011), recognising that how public services are delivered is increasingly important.

We know that cultures, silos and hierarchies need to be challenged and changed.  Using collaborative, participative and co-productive approaches means that public services are better able to focus and respond to the needs of the people of Scotland.

Who Are Ingage?

The Ingage team was  formed, based in Scottish Government, to support us to meet these aims. The team is small, but is working within Scottish Government and across Scotland, with public services and communities, to enable, support and grow our capability and capacity to transform. We bring together colleagues with a range of experiences of working with and in different public services and settings. Our work is based on the core principles of openness, creativity and collaboration to embed ways of working that enable people to participate in the decisions that affect their lives.

We work in complex environments, and we know that we do not have all the answers to the systemic issues that we all face. Instead, we aim to work with colleagues, communities, civil society and public service organisations; learning, supporting and continually improving our responses to these issues together.

Ingage is highly connected with a wide range of cross and multi-sector initiatives, including:


Scottish Leaders Forum – a network of chief executive leaders from across Scottish public services, who work in partnership to develop and embed collaborative action, generating new ideas, processes and techniques, and to challenge existing ways of working, transforming public services in Scotland.

Workforce Scotland– a cross-public service collaborative group established by the Scottish Leaders Forum.

Pioneering Collaborative Leadership – a unique offer of support for existing partnerships and teams who, through the course of their everyday work, are seeking to collaboratively deliver better outcomes.

Fire Starter Festival – a week-long festival of collaborative learning events, sharing creative, disruptive and innovative ways in which we can all transform ourselves, our organisations and the wider system.

Open Government Partnership – an international platform committed to working with civil society to make governments more open, accountable, and responsive to citizens. Scotland has been awarded ‘pioneer’ status, bringing with it opportunities to learn from and work with international experts and pioneer partners.

U.Lab Scotland – U.Lab is an online course, hosted by the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT),  designed to support transformational change. We are working with MIT to develop a Scottish context for the course, supporting people to innovate and change Scotland’ public services.

Co-Production – Ingage Scotland is taking forward strategic leadership of co-production in Scotland. Working collaboratively with Scottish Co-Production, our role is to work to ‘join the dots’ (strengthen connections) between co-production policy and practice across public service contexts